By Far, The Best Bass Effects Pedal I’ve Ever Heard!

By John Huston

Worth getting the word out

This will officially be my last blog post for Just Roll Tape, I just want to say that it has been a privilege sharing and communicating with all of you. I have been obsessed with this effects pedal for years; it is an amazing option for all of you bassists out there. It is designed by a company called Lovetone, and they definitely are proud of it according to the $600.00 list price. I assure you though; it is one of the best envelope filter pedals I have ever heard. Here is great example of the sound that the Meatball can produce, it is a Phish performance of their song “Free” and at exactly 3:50 seconds you can hear some amazing bass playing and exemplifies how amazing this pedal can make your bass sound.

Lovetone is a trusted company

Lovetone also provides other great effects pedals for all instruments such as The Big Cheese, BrownSource, and the Doppelganger. They are all quality products even though a lot of musicians have not ever heard of the company before. The meatball is not just for bass, it can be for keyboards or guitar as well. Here is a link to a demo of the pedal being as a guitar effects pedal. It really speaks for itself. Well once again class, I thank you for all of your attention this semester and for all of your great blog posts as well. Enjoy your summer!


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