I’m Shure You’ll Love This Mic!

By John Huston

One of the best mics I’ve ever come across

There are a lot of different types of artists who grace the stage on any given night at Just Roll Tape, and with that variety, are different types of vocalists with their respected styles. There are a multitude of applications when it comes to microphones, and vocalists can be extremely picky about how they get their voice to sound the way they want to on stage. There is a microphone in circulation currently that I personally have been using for the last decade, the Shure Beta 58A. It is a supercardioid mic with a sleek and simple design. In my personal opinion, I don’t think there is a better vocal mic for a live setting on the market right now. It has an amazing ability to isolate excess white noise and even background noise from a drum set nearby and hones in on the frequency range of the human voice so intuitively.

As I mentioned above, it works excellently in a live setting but is more than capable of providing excellent studio capability. There’s very little this microphone can’t do when it comes to capturing the intricate timbres of a human voice. When you purchase this mic, you are also getting the warranty and guarantee of the Shure Company, I’ve bought so many products from this company over the years and I have never been disappointed in the quality of sound that they provided. We wanted to pass on this information, not just because of how amazing the quality of the Beta 58A is, because at Just Roll tape we want to help musicians on a budget find the best items to add to their collection. We want you to sound your best so that you can have the confidence to get out into the world and play more shows! Just remember to check out Just Roll Tape for our weekly events and contact our booking agent if you want your band to play here! Cheers!

Question for the class:

What are your favorite vocal mics to use?


2 thoughts on “I’m Shure You’ll Love This Mic!

  1. For vocals I’ve never come across a 57 or a 58 that didn’t sound good. As far as my favorite mic for my vocals in particular I’d have to go with the electro voice nd767a, it’s a little more expensive than a 57 or a 58, but it’s always been my go to vocal mic.


    1. Yeah definitely hard to go wrong, in general, with any Shure mic. Thanks for taking the time to respond and read my blog post! I will have to check out the electro voice nd767a, I have never even heard of it.


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