The Wood Brothers Rocked the Parish!

By John Huston

There was a full house packing the intimate venue known as The Parish, located at 6th and San Jacinto. The opening act Kristina Train was a duo featuring Kristina on fiddle and lead vocals, as well as, a guitar and harmony vocals accompaniment by Eddie (couldn’t find his last name). They played for about half an hour and showed their dexterity as performers and masters of dynamics. The Wood Brothers then took the stage and the place erupted. They are a trio of an upright bass player, a guitarist, and percussionist. They all sing together, whether it is lead or harmony. This band is one of the finest examples of what happens when Americana folk and jazz and funk are infused together flawlessly. The third song from the evening that they played was entitled “Who the Devil”, an amazing track with wonderful chord progressions and an unbelievably catchy chorus. They played everything that I wanted to hear and more. Towards the end of their performance, they turned off every microphone except for a communal mic that added to their old-timey authenticity. They brought out Kristina Train to play 2 great covers. They performed an old gospel and bluegrass song called “Angel Band” made popular by The Stanley Brothers and Tom Petty’s “You Don’t Know How It Feels”. It never ceases to amaze me the depth and character of this band. This was not a required post, just wanted you to share this with everyone. Here are some pictures I took at the show. Thanks for listening!

20150226_214501 20150226_215152 20150226_215938

The Wood Brothers and Kristina Train (Thursday, February 26th at The Parish)

The Wood Brothers and Kristina Train (Thursday, February 26th at The Parish)


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